Management of Capital Equipment and Assets on an Estate Level

Use the Estate and Asset Management module facilities to not only document the inventory your client has on hand in each space but also evaluate the conditions of these assets in order to determine of these assets are in acceptable working condition to transfer to another space in the same facility or even to another facility that is owned or operated by the same Estate.

The Client can create an Estate that links different facilities or projects together which allows for transfer of assets between them including managing the assets across the entire estate. In addition, existing equipment can be accommodated in the planning of a project so that the planning can be comprehensive and the design will be inclusive of all products; while procurement will focus only on the new items. Clients can have hands on management of all assets in all facilities belonging to the same Estate including history of each item, current status per item, date put into service, validity of warranty and start date, estimated useful life, preventative maintenance schedules and asset management depreciation values. Even non-asset variables such as consumables and disposables per piece of equipment per space is captured and reported for operational planning and re-ordering.


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