Although Pequip is primarily intended to be used by FF&E Planners and Consultants, Clients can benefit from having online access to:

  • The estate and asset management module where they can transfer items between facilities and manage the complete assets of each facility as well as the entire estate
  • All planning reports including budgets by item, room, department and facilities
  • Specifications for review and approval
  • Design drawings for viewing and approval
  • E-Tendering module for issuing the tenders to the market
  • Tendering evaluation module for providing reviews of each offer and attachments
  • Negotiations menus with suppliers
  • Products selection
  • Generating electronic comprehensive purchase orders which are tied to the execution module and which will enable comparisons with budgets
  • Tracking all execution functions including activation of the buildings and managing the project schedule

Design Consultants and Contractors can benefit from accessing the latest reports, design drawings and shop drawings.

Project Managers will find great value in many modules including tracking the progress of the project.

Vendors will find comfort in using their private portal and being able to submit not just their bids online but also other documents including knowing the outcomes of their submittals.

Manufacturers can upload their products information online using their secured portal in order to assist providers to evaluate different technologies on the market.


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