Because Pequip database was designed to be a fully relational and integrated from the stage of project planning to the design stage and then to product evaluation, selection and procurement; having a built in Execution module makes the program much more powerful because the data required for implementing the project can be easily retrieved from other modules to enable effective and efficient project management.

The Execution module covers the entire construction stage workflow including Materials Submittals, Shop Drawings Approvals, products Receiving, Installation, Commissioning, Products Hand-over and even Asset Management. Should a Client desire to use the Execution Module for implementing products that are not under scope of work of the Consultant, then a manual purchase order must be generated in Pequip for those items which will enable receiving and installing these items using Pequip. These items should also be included in the room planning menu under Project Planning so that installation can be performed in these rooms and so that assets can be registered after commissioning.

During the Materials Approval stage and at the client’s choice during other stages, an approval hierarchy is available for Facility Managers to approve what is being recommended by the Consultant. Automatic notification via email will be sent to the approving authorities asking them to electronically approve the transactions; thus enabling a paperless environment for the entire process.

Partial List of Benefits:

  • By using Pequip to effectively manage thousands of items being received, warehoused, inspected, installed and commissioned, customers can be assured that that there will be no delays in the project schedule due to FF&E implementation. Pequip will ensure a seamless transition from project to a functioning facility.
  • Proactive management of contractors’ performance according to contracts will safe guard against unexpected delays in deliverables.
  • Approval of payments to suppliers against deliverables will provide supporting documents to the Finance Office to pay invoices as per the payment terms on the purchase orders.
  • Early inspection of received items will prevent delays and will force corrections to be made and replacements to be provided by the suppliers before installation actual begin.
  • Tagging the received cartons at the customers’ warehouse will enable tracking the location of orders and timely scheduling of deliveries to the facility.
  • Knowing firsthand what was installed and commissioned and what was tested and calibrated will expedite room handover to the customer.
  • Knowing firsthand which staff received operational and service training and the availability of O&S manuals will ensure operational preparedness.
  • Accessing site construction progress information online and reporting snags or punch lists while on site will expedite undertaking corrective actions by contractors and saves time in reporting.