The process of tender evaluation will involve different stakeholders utilizing the Tendering Evaluation module thus enabling Pequip to process evaluations and facilitate the selection of vendors in very quick time frames and in utilizing very objective, unbiased and consistent methodologies.

Verification of all technical offers that are submitted online by the bidders is very easy and can be performed by multiple technical experts at the same time, thus saving time and ensuring accuracy. Pequip will automatically tabulate the technical and financial results and will convert the total scores into percentages according to the weight given to each.

Furthermore, evaluation of bidders’ capabilities and qualifications is taken into consideration and will be factored in the total final scores, thus providing a balance between technical, financial and the abilities of the vendors’ to perform the scope of services. All communications with the bidders is conducted online via a documented RFI process.

Partial List of Benefits:

    • By having multiple evaluators perform technical evaluations online at the same time, the total evaluation period can be reduced by 70%. All offers including supporting catalogues and cut sheets are available in digital format thus saying good bye to hard copies and paperwork.
    • Financial calculations, comparisons and evaluations will be performed by Pequip in seconds by extrapolating the financial offers posted by each bidder on the Vendor Portal. Including the cost of all options and accessories as well as splitting the cost of freight and customs will capture all of the OPEX and APEX costs in the total calculations. Suppliers will not be able to hide costs of optional items as these will be clearly identified early on.
    • Factoring each Bidder’s capabilities, past experience and abilities in the total evaluation criteria will ensure that Customers consider the best value for the money based on a technical, financial and company capabilities.
    • By forcing bidders to enter all information in the portal, the customers can ensure that they will receive complete offers based on uniformed standards and expectations. This will avoid needing to go back to each bidder for clarifications and ensure unbiased evaluations. .


  • Since evaluators will not have access to pre-assigned scores and weights of the specifications during the evaluation process and will only need to verify the responses, enter their comments, and provide percentages of compliances; customers will be assured that the evaluation is being performed in a very scientific, objective and transparent manner.
  • Giving access to Providers to review all evaluations online and to actively perform their independent verifications will provide more checks and balances to ensure objectivity and transparency in the process. Proper documentation will facilitate proper auditing by third parties.